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Hi everyone and welcome back to my blog and today’s blog is going to be a little bit different than usual. Instead of me explaining to you about what happened in my life though, this time will be based on the links for those who are autistic like myself as well as finding other information about the sites from not just in the UK but also available in some countries as well so if you wanna have a look at these websites which will help you in the long run and you can actually forward it over to other people who are going to exact same thing as well so please feel free to go and check them out for yourself and this is just based on my personal research on the websites that I found online.

(DISCLAIMER: This is not a sponsored blog post. This blog post is based on the research that I have found on Google that I considered to be the best websites and I  encourage you to do some research of your own.) 

Autism awareness websites for you to go and check it out: (this site is for those who have a sweet tooth and if you continue scrawling on the site there is a slight description on the website that will make you love them even more)

Thank you so much for taking the time to have a look at our brief blog post of on my blog and I’m really sorry this is not as normal a blog post that you normally see on my blog and I will be coming up with new blog post so feel free to leave a comment below if you know any autistic related websites that can be useful for anyone to use as well and don’t forget to spread the word out as well ???.

My further experience with LGFB

Hi everyone and welcome back to my blog and today’s blog will be featuring my personal experience that I currently volunteer for Look Good Feel Better along with experience on how I recognise a few people that came into the workshop and my personal emotions that I went through as well from the experience of volunteering for amazing organisation, so grab a snack ?or drink ? and get comfortable ? because this blog post is going to be interesting for you to read ?.

During my voluntary experience with LGFB, I’ve seen so many ladies come and go and I don’t usually come across anyone that I know nor have been familiar with until one day, I’d came across one person that I recognised them by face, but not by their name and when I met one of the ladies, I immediately recognised her for the first time in years and after seeing her go through cancer herself, I wanted to leave the room and stay focused on bringing on other ladies who are having a hard time finding a place to park and we are currently running late to the session and you’re probably wondering who is it that you manage to recognise from the group on that day.

The person who came into the workshop that I managed to recognise was in fact an old work colleague of mine where I used to work in a primary school from 7 to 8 years ago and she immediately recognised me from the workshop that I was volunteering with. As we were getting on with the workshop we all seem to work well though and helped everybody out there who needed the help most and we would generally have a conversation though on what we been up to and I told exactly what I was told her everything what been up to and she told me the same thing and my last words I said to her was to stay strong and keep fighting no matter how long it takes and what it takes you still going to remain strong and fight through this.

When I got home from the session that I’ve met an old work colleague of mine I told my mum exactly what happened and I immediately burst into tears and I felt really bad and upset because of what she was currently going through cancer right there and then ?. From that point on, I realised that I needed to remain mentally strong for anyone else who is currently going through cancer and battling through the disease as well. Another time of events that happened to me when I met someone who is also been diagnosed with cancer was an old teaching assistant who used to work at a secondary school and I had a good bond with her when I was a teenager and yes the emotions were repeated again after not only seeing her for a while but also seeing her battle through cancer as well.

However on my second attempt on seeing someone who I know for years I remained strong minded, motivated and kept focusing ahead on the task at hand and amazingly it paid off along with the fact I get to show them that are shown in front of the ladies that they can purchase from certain websites and telling them that 10% of the proceeds go towards Look Good Feel Better along with me explaining to them that the brushes are supersoft the cruelty free and the perfect for anybody who’s got super sensitive skin while the going through treatment or for anybody in general has sensitive skin. After I finished of the session I told my mum exactly what happened that’s an old teaching assistant of mine came to the workshop and I told her everything what happened and again the same reaction was I broke down in tears and my mum reminded me not to get too attached to them and I told her I wasn’t getting attached to them and it was in fact a state of shock after seeing one of the nicest teaching assistants who has helped me with my school work in years was then coming into the workshop and the roles have been reversed.

Despite my experience on my feelings and seeing people who I know in general and going on an emotional rollercoaster everything turned out for the better as I grew as a person and feeling motivated but physically and emotionally in order for me to get myself forward in life ? along with the fact that this experience altogether can possibly inspire anybody else who is going to the exact same feeling when they also know somebody who has been diagnosed with cancer/tumour and yes it can be hard at first but once you take a deep breath and stay mentally strong for yourself and for other people who are around you you will do absolutely amazingly with the process and a condolence to you and for anyone who recently lost a loved one due to cancer/tumour ?.

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How meditation helped me pass my driving test

Hi everyone and welcome back to my blog and today’s blog is going to be based on how I managed to pass my driving test through meditation and you’re probably wondering on “how is it impossible to pass your driving test with the help of meditation?” or even “how does meditation help you pass your driving test that didn’t happen to me when I did it!?” keep reading this blog post and I will be explaining everything that I actually did and explain to you on how I passed my driving test with meditation. But before I explained how it happened, I’m going to start from the beginning on how I have done in the past to other two driving tests so grab a snack ? or a drink?and get comfortable ?, because this blog post is going to be a very long and interesting for you to read ?.

(DISCLAIMER: This is not a sponsored blog post. This is just my experience and my personal outcome on how I passed my driving test. It’s not a way of saying that my method is the best method to pass the driving test and some people who have taken the test and passed it without meditation. So feel free to do your own research and discover your own method/techniques in order for you to pass your driving test.)

Let’s start from the beginning after I passed my theory test for the third time the next day, I decided to book my first practical driving test online at the actual website and clicked on book a driving test and from that point on I was extremely nervous about doing my driving test for the first time in a matter of fact I didn’t pass my driving test for the first time, I literally made too many mistakes on that day and it’s because of my nerves that I’ve made during the test as well as having my instructor sitting at the back of the car as well which its optional if you needed them to come or not and by the way doesn’t help neither.

After failing my first driving test I want back online and my brother was the one who booked my second driving test while I was getting ready to do my course at Coventry Mind Academy for sleep problems and motivational course at the recovery and well-being Academy and both of the sessions last for two hours and they are free as well because every and well-being centre they provide a wide range of courses for you to go and attend the courses being provided by them. After I completed the courses from them I went back home then to check with the email to confirm that the booking has been confirmed and the page was blank and I wasn’t sure if the booking of the driving test is being confirmed or not.

The next time for me to do was to call the number being provided at the on the email and call up to find out if the second driving test has been officially booked for to leave the operator on the phone said he’s not sure about it at all he was only there for the weather updates for the driving tests within the UK, luckily they have recommended me another phone number to call and tell them about it instead so I called them up and ask them to confirm the actual practical driving test and I also asked them if there are any cancellations with the driving test coming up and she said there’s been a cancellation for December instead so my brother called my drive instructor up and told him that the dates in December and he hesitantly said book it and I told them to book the driving test the phone for the next couple of days I literally practised my driving skills until my test day arrived.

On mid December 2017 the date of the driving test has arrived and I was nervous and relaxed at the same time of the test and I was waiting for the test in the waiting room waiting patiently for my name to be called out by the driving examiner and the driving examiner and it arrived called my name out and I got hold of a provisional drivers license and a car key as well that was on the table before we even sat down and waited for them to arrive. The driving examiner explained on how the driving test works and asked me about my condition that I’ve typed up on my application for my driving test and I mentioned on there about my mild autism and what are my requirements are for the driving test and it started off being rough because I literally not only answer the question that was based on how to find out certain car parts but also I had to follow the directions provided on the satnav and there was a truck that was sticking out like a sore thumb along with another car coming towards me too ?.

At the end of the driving test well near the end of it, he tells me to do reverse parking at the parking space the 1st to attempt on the first parking hours of angle and I managed to correct my mistake I was parking in the space but it was too close to another car next to me and unfortunately I didn’t pass on my second attempt of my driving test ☹️. After failing my second driving test I decide to book another driving test online and I even discussed it with my instructor on the date and time for the driving test and he agreed to have the test on that date and time at the location of the driving test and I got an email to confirm the date and time for the test.

After Christmas and New Year, I decided to go on a course that was on Facebook and opportunity of a lifetime but came on Instagram and this gentleman appeared on an advert offering a course that you can learn on Facebook and the name of the course was… Live your purpose program and I thought to myself I can really do with this course and it was hosted by Jay Shetty and listening to him helped me realise that I need to make this year my year to remember and to make the most out of it too. So I joined the group on Facebook introduced myself to the group including what I do for a living, my age and what are my hobbies as well as my interests are and I am immediately felt the love and the positive energy and the passion that came from everyone all over the world who have read my intro before the first day of live your purpose program began.

It’s took me five days to do the course and I was amazed of what the course provided me and I loved the advice and guidance been given by Jay Shetty himself from the five days on doing the live your purpose program and the one evening I ask a question based on doing meditation and his response to me was either go onto the meditation class if not that then tried using meditation app like Headspace or come to do the meditation or even try his genius coaching program. I didn’t go over the genius coaching program because I wanted to use the tools that Jay has already given me including the guidance on meditation.

So I went onto using the Headspace app and you can find The headspace app in your App Store and it’s available for iOS and Google play and it’s free for you to download (may need to pay for a subscription for either a year or lifetime) so I started off doing the basics for 1,2 and 3. Once I’ve done the basics I went onto the other meditation packs and there is a wide variety of meditation packs that you can go for from motivation to distraction and from competition to creativity. Some of the packs can take up to 10 days to complete the pack and some packs could even go up to 30 days depending on what pack you intend to meditate towards.

After I completed all three basic packs of meditation, I started doing motivation because I felt lacking in myself to motivate and I felt pumped up and motivated to do anything. Second pack that I meditated under was the concentrate/focus and already from the first day that I meditated on, I felt focused and concentrated to do anything including driving. On day three of the concentration pack it was also the day before the driving test and my driving lesson before the test had a positive outcome and possibly have a chance of passing the test. The next day on day four on concentration/focus pack of meditation and it’s also the day of my driving test.

I was very nervous but determined to pass my driving test and my driving instructor gave me a lesson before going to my test it was my last chance to catch any mistakes that I have made and learn as much as I can before I can go for the driving test and he even opened up the bonnet to remember the parts of the car before going to park at the driving test centre in Warwick. We arrived at the driving test centre and both myself and my driving instructor are waiting at the waiting room patiently for my name to be called out by the driving examiner very nervous and focused to pass my driving test then all of a sudden the driving examiner comes out and enters the waiting room calls out for my name and we went to where I parked the car.

But before I even got into the car myself the examiner explain to me on how the test works, how long it takes to do the test and also informed me to read The license number plate from a distance of 20 feet then we walked over to the car and asked me to open the bonnet in order to start the test. Before I started to do the driving test he wanted to ask me about my learning difficulty and my requirements that I’ve put on the application form as previously mentioned for the second driving test and I answered them with honesty and told him that I have mild autism (See the my life being autistic blog posts).

My requirements that are mentioned on the form to provide clear and repetitive instructions and his response was “we always give clear and repetitive instructions anyway” and my other request that I told him was that I tend to talk to myself (I know that sounds weird and strange to some but that’s how I feel comfortable with) and he replied back “that’s fine some people usually talk to themselves while they go through the driving test.” After getting my explanations on my requirements it’s time for me to do the driving test and it started off by follow the directions on the satnav and the satnav tells me to go to Stratford at first then tells me to go to Henley in Arden which is a massive roundabout and another part of following directions is that it was taking me over to the Warwick jockeys club in which I have to demonstrate forward parking and reverse out of it.

Am I just to for park at first but I wasn’t happy with it, which it came out completely off angled and I wasn’t satisfied with it so I looked behind me and I noticed there was an empty parking space between two cars from that point on, a lightbulb moment went in my head and I realise that I can reverse into the parking space and I have to do is drive slowly forward into the parking space in front of me and it was perfectly parked too ?. That’s a big bonus for me and what the driving I keep saying to myself over and over again playing in my head saying to myself “you’ve got this, you got this, always stay focused. You got this, you got this buddha’s on the side.” (wait for the next blog post on the next chapter).

I was so determined to pass my driving test and the driving examiner said to me “So did you tell that many people that you have a driving test?” My response to that was “I try not to tell that many people but I’ve got a driving test but I only told a small amount of people I’ve got a test.” Then the driving examiner has said to me “Do you have your own car yet.” My reply back to the examiner was “No I don’t have my own car yet.” We then went back to the actual driving test centre in Warwick and I was told to park at the side of the grass.

At the end of the driving test the driving examiner had asked me if my driving instructor wanted to hear the results with me as well and how I got on and I said you might as well tell him the results with me too and the result that I’ve got from the driving examiner was that I have passed my driving test. After hearing the result that I’ve passed my driving test I was excited and relieved at the same time after going through a huge amount of driving hours over and over again on driving ??.

Here are the links that really helped me out in life: (?? only available in the UK) (☝?️ only available in the UK)

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