How social media affected my body confidence and self esteem

Hi everyone and welcome back to my blog and today’s blog is going to be on how social media affected my body confidence and self esteem in both positive and negative perspective and yes unfortunately this also includes Instagram and how it really affected me in a negative way along with other influential people that helped me realise that I don’t need to be the next someone else and be inspired to be myself without worrying about anybody else. So grab a snack ? or a drink ?and get comfortable ?, because this one will make you think ? before you react on social media and outside of social media too.

(DISCLAIMER: This is only on my point of view on how social media affected my body confidence and self esteem. It is NOT a way of promoting any body shaming activities to those who are currently having or going though the same issue as I am going through by scrolling through social media and we MUST love ourselves for who we are. No matter what other people say about our appearance as well as being true to ourselves)

This all started off when I was going through social media, particularly with Instagram and while as I was scrolling though on there I noticed something that made me become conscious with my body and that was seeing other models that we normally would see on social media and seeing Instagram models is one of them. Witnessing those girls on Instagram made me have low self esteem on myself and they’re clearly showing off the ideal body figures, from enhancing their features with plastic surgery to creating the ideal relationship with another model being accompanied with in order to create an illusion of the perfect life ?.

What made this situation even more worse for me is seeing those skinny women who posing with attractive men trying to sell a fantasy to the general public and that alone made me from having mild self esteem to gaining low self esteem and I ended up having a negative experience on accepting myself for who I am and loving myself for who I am ? as well as trying to step outside my comfort zone with my fashion sense and ended up being body conscious about my own image.

However social media is not always a negative thing for me, in fact it could be really positive as well. One day I went on Facebook and I witnessed Ashley Graham giving a speech towards young girls on her own life story and how she made it through as a plus size model and her speech alone make me feel accepted for who I am and it’s not just her alone that helped me realise that I need to love myself as all the other people that I found all the social media including Nabela Noor, WhatLauraLoves and fullerfigurefullerbust. After seeing those women on social media and seeing the confidence that they got have given me the inspiration to be myself again and they also inspired me to make me feel good and that I don’t need to change myself in order to fit into the “ideal body figure” nor moulding into society when I can learn to stand out in front of the crowd.

Embracing my uniqueness in front of the mirror ?.

Here are the links for the inspirational people who have inspired me to be myself at all times:

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