My experience at the Ansty social club

Hi everyone and welcome back to my blog and today’s blog will be on my time at the brain tumour support Christmas meal ?at the Ansty social club and what me and my family have been doing at the Ansty social club along with what we ate there and the outcome of it as well, so grab a snack ?/ drink?and get comfortable ?, because this one is going to be a fun one to read.

DISCLAIMER: This is NOT a sponsored blog post. Everything on this blog post is 100% has been purchased by me and my brother. 

We were so excited on that day to go for the Christmas meal before the new year arrived. My brother gave the order on what we wanted for the Christmas meal. On that day, all of us were told to wear something Christmasy including jumpers as you can see on this pic below.

On the left is my brother Arvin, our mum in the middle and myself on the right.

On the other pic below is the complete outfit that I wore for the Christmas meal from head to toe. (Sorry I couldn’t find another tall mirror as this is the only mirror that I can find and it’s only in my dads room as well as the bad picture quality too.) I got the boots and the skinny jeans are from yours clothing and their jeans and boots are absolutely amazing and it made me look taller than I anticipated. The Christmas jumper however I got it from peacocks and this Christmas jumper is so soft and comfortable to wear along with a cute design which is sewn in with sequins and are designed it self looks so adorable too ☺️. I also wore my NYX metallic liquid lipstick in biker babe and this shade is so beautiful and it gives a festive vibe to the look too.

My entire outfit ? (Sorry for the bad lighting)

Me, my mum and my brother arrived at the social club and the setting of the club looks so amazing and very low-key at the same time too. There were some Christmas music being played there and there was also a slideshow based on the photos that were taken for the brain tumour support and we did in Coventry throughout the year. What’s that up with the drinks there and there were a very limited variety of drinks to have and all of us have gone for water rather than red and white wine that was provided for us on the tables as well as the bar being available for drinks too.

The Devon crab cake ?

I’m going to start with the starter and my starter was the Devon crab cake and the presentation looks amazing and the taste of the crab cake is astonishing and lovely too ?. My mum and and brother had the parsnip soup as a starter and they both loved it as a vegetarian/vegan starter to have.

Turkey, stuffing and all the trimmings displayed ☺️

Then we had the main course and my main course was the turkey with stuffing and all the trimmings available for me to have and honest with the turkey is amazing and the stuffing was tasty to have and the vegetables were awesome. My mum and brother had the chickpea and sweet potato curry with wild rice and there were some mixed feelings with the vegetarian/vegan main course. My brother liked it, however my mum thought it was too tomatoey and needed more flavour into it, but apart from that they enjoyed it ☺️.

A slice of indulgence from the soft chocolate cake?

The dessert I had was the soft chocolate cake with light espresso sauce and that dessert itself is so divine that taking every bite is worth every moment you take a bite out of it ?. Even the presentation itself looks so exquisite and elegant as well. Sadly my mum and brother didn’t have the desert there because they decided not to have any but my mum did share some of my desert instead and she liked it too.

My overall experience with the brain tumour support Christmas meal at the Ansty social club has been exquisite and fun at the same time. I almost forgot there was also a raffle for us to enter, unfortunately neither my brother or I didn’t win anything but the biggest prize that we both gained is donating the money to charity and that is the biggest present that we got ever. ???

Here is the website for the social club below:

Ansty Social Club

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Esquires coffee time

Hi everyone and welcome back to my blog and today’s blog is going to be a review on a café that I went to called Esquires Coffee and also meeting Coventry bloggers for the first time so grab a snack ? or a drink ☕️ and get comfortable ?, because this blog post is going to be something interesting for you to look at.

I also wanted to mention that they are an award winning community coffee shop and they have branches across the UK as well as the Coventry branch are celebrating their 10th birthday at the Coventry Transport Museum.

Steven Prime became the owner of the café at the age of 23 and has served the Coventry community for 10 years. He was named the HSBC Midlands and North Wales franchisee of the year 2012 and BFA HSBC UK Young franchisee of the year 2013 ??????.

The entrance of the café was truly amazing and it’s extremely cosy, warm and inviting along with the images being based on the history of Coventry including the rover article and vintage imagery being displayed on the walls if you walk further towards the other part of the café.

While at the cafe, I ordered the honeycomb cheesecake and the snowball hot chocolate, which they are shown in the picture below.

On the left is the snowball hot chocolate and the honeycomb cheesecake is on the right)
The honeycomb cheesecake on its own ?

So I’m gonna start with the honeycomb cheesecake and the cheesecake I’ve tried is absolutely gorgeous on both presentation and in flavour as well as being so creamy in texture too ?. The honeycomb itself gives it that extra crunch.

A mug of heavenly goodness from the snowball hot chocolate ?

After finishing off the cheesecake, it was time to try out the snowball hot chocolate and the hot chocolate tastes amazing and creamy but whatever you do, don’t leave the wafer biscuit in there too long otherwise it will sink to the bottom and that’s exactly what I did ?.

I literally left the wafer biscuit in the hot drink too long and it just fell apart and ended up in the drink, but apart from that the hot chocolate itself was beautifully executed by the barista.

The prices on both the cheesecake and the hot drink are affordable depending on what you’re ordering from the menu. My overall experience from the café has been truly amazing and I urge you right now to go over there and grab yourself a coffee and the best thing about it is that it’s actually next to the Coventry transport museum and you will love the history behind it.

Here is the link below for the actual cafe:

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My meditation journey

Hi everyone and welcome back to my blog at today’s blog will be on my meditation journey what I see throughout my visual experience from meditation as well as having my imagination going wild so grab a snack ? or drink ?and get comfortable ?, because this blog post will be interesting for you to read.

(Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored blog post. This is just my personal outcome on what I generally see from my meditation. It doesn’t mean that I know anything about meditation visions and all I did was I researched on Google to find out what they actually mean, so please do your research on what you see on your meditation/dreams at all costs.)

When I first started meditating from the advice that I received from Jay Shetty from his live your purpose programme on Facebook, I was a bit suspicious at first because I was clueless on what I got myself into but excited as well for trying something new out of the blue so I opened the headspace app and started to do the basics and watched a clip on how meditation works. The animation of the video itself is so cute and informative to describe the feeling of meditation.

I did the basics on day 1 and what I saw in my meditation was a bit strange at first but also interesting at the same time, in fact in my first meditation session that I have done in the morning was the middle part of a tree and I was amazed on what I saw within only just 10 mins. As I continued on doing meditation for 10 mins, my imagination has started to form up altogether and eventually started to form a tree and also hasn’t mentioned earlier on that I also see Buddha on my side and I know it sounds a little weird to you but the reason why but I keep it to a meditation because I used to play peek a boo with Buddha with the curtain, which explains the vision of Buddha in my meditation.

After seeing Buddha in my meditation, I also have seen some figures that occurred to me within my mind including a tiger cuddling up with me ( I know it sounds strange but it’s cute and interesting at the same time ???), well to tell the truth I originally thought that the tiger was going to attack me at first, but soon came to it senses and started to sit on my laps and wants me to stroke the tiger instead pretty much like a household cat would do and I also seen two swans forming a heart ❤️ and I was a little bit suspicious at first because I didn’t know what it means when the swans form a heart together until I went on Google to research are the meaning of two swans forming a heart and it turns out that it symbolises love, beauty, elegance and gracefulness along with sensitivity as well.

I then later on saw a peacock opening up its feathers though and making the noise but peacocks usually make and in fact that it drove me so mad within my mind that it playing for a couple of hours and I even cried about it as well, due to the peacock noises kept getting louder and louder and louder within my mind and it eventually started to calm down and began to fade away slowly but surely it disappeared and the next time I meditated again I began seeing two blue peacocks forming a heart together and again as usual I went on Google to research what it means when it comes to 2 blue peacocks forming a heart. Unfortunately I didn’t have much luck well it came to doing the research on finding what the two peacocks forming a heart means, however I did find some research on the meaning of the peacock and it symbolises spirituality, vision, awakening, guidance, protection and watchfulness.

Also within my meditation visions I also end up seeing a couple of words that spring to my mind and those words that you came in handy for me if I really needed a constant reminder and those words are “motivate”, “inspire others”, “mentor” and “coach”. Which must’ve somehow indicated to me that I needed to go back to mentoring/coaching which is also my ambition to do in life.

Thank you so much for taking your time to read my blog. I’m so sorry for the blog post being so long and leave a comment below and tell me if you do meditate, tell me what do you see in your meditation. Please stay tuned for the next post and don’t forget to spread the word out about my blog too. ???