My inspirational journey on becoming a motivational speaker.

Hi everyone and welcome back to my blog post. You probably noticed that I’ve been away from blogging for nearly 9 months so on today’s blog is going to be something that I always wanted to talk about for a while and that is my inspirational journey on becoming a motivational speaker and what/who inspire me to pursue an ambitious path on becoming one as well as the resources I’ve used to help me on discovering the greatest aspects on becoming one in the first place. So grab a snack ?/drink ☕️ and get comfortable ?, because this blog post will be interesting and motivating for you to read ?.

(DISCLAIMER:- please note that this is not sponsored and everything that I have mentioned on here is all out of my own opinion and the course was brought by my mum as a birthday present for me.)

Aaahhh…. where to begin? Well it all begins when I kept making up mini and some big motivational/inspirational speeches on the spot towards people, individuals and even to myself. (I know it sounds weird, but that’s how I usually do it) although it’s not just saying it to other people and even towards myself, I even watched a few people on YouTube and social media have also given me the inspiration on becoming a motivational speaker too.

While I was researching for courses and places on where to learn on becoming a motivational speaker, I started witnessing a few speakers giving it speeches including Amber Wagner (aka jstlbby), Tony Robbins, Les Brown, Maya Angelou, Jay Shetty, Lisa Nicols and even Eric Thomas. Oh I forgot to mention Tom and Lisa Bilyeu as well as Gary Vaynerchuk (aka Gary Vee) and Peter Dinklage (yes he’s an actor, but his speech has captivated me to go out there and start achieving my potential aspects in life).

There I was listening and grasping to every word that these extraordinary people who have spoken on social media and on YouTube made me blew my mind and really gave me the inspiration to pursue my dream goal and become a motivational speaker. It’s not just the people who inspire me to take a risk in my life. It’s also the amount of time I’ve spent on researching along with reading some books that I borrowed from the library and even listening to CDs (yeah it’s pretty old school, but at least it’s not on audio tape. That would be complicated indeed.) I started listening to Ann Marshall on CDs and I was interested on what she said within the sessions (unfortunately I couldn’t remember the name of the CDs that I heard were from Ann Marshall)

After listening to Ann Marshall CDs, I’ve decided to go to for an online course based on my passion. There were some that are too expensive and some that were on the affordable side. However it comes with an exam and I usually have a hard time going through an exam. After searching online for the course, I have found the one that is suitable for me and it doesn’t have any deadlines at all which means more flexibility for me to continue with my everyday life and to also be a little more wiser when answering the questions being provided to me.

The name of the organisation that I’m learning to do this is NLP centre of excellence/vita online courses which is taught by Jimmy Petruzzi. He starts of by sending an email by saying “Thank you and congratulations on your purchase on the motivational speaking course. An exciting, interactive, thought provoking learning experience.” and he will attach an assignment for you to complete and to analyse by printing of or to read it on a device to study. I started off by writing down the answers in a notepad as a rough draft and to check if it makes sense in what was written down. Once I’ve finished off the assignment, I typed it up on a word document that I’ve completed on my notepad and then send it over to my tutor. I then receive an email back from him with feedback as well as the next assignment that I have complete.

Links to look upon based on the people who inspire me on becoming a motivational speaker:-

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Peter Dinklage:- (fan page only.)

To go and learn:

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Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog. Please stay tuned for the next post and don’t forget to leave a comment below on my blog post and spread the word out about my life blog too. ???