My teen life

Hi everyone and welcome back to my blog, today’s blog will be on my teen life which includes my experience with going through secondary school from year 7 to year 11 and even through sixth form as well. I will telling you on the ups and downs that I went through from having a hard time with my studies including maths and physical education into falling in love with music and how it grew from that point onwards.

My life in secondary school was pretty much like a roller coaster, there are so many ups and downs in life, from getting bullied at school truly based on my appearance and mocking me on a diagnosis in sixth form to gaining qualifications and even receiving great achievements both academically and in training too (stay tuned for my kickboxing journey blog ?) and many other experiences that happened to me during my time in secondary school and in sixth form.

From day 1 of secondary school, it was great and nerve wrecking, due to the transformation going from primary school to secondary school as well as being a nightmare, due to moving from one lesson into the next lesson along with being punctual for that particular lesson for every subject (talk about running around like a bunch of chickens ?) it got even harder for me when it reached up to mathematics and PE, due to the fact that I struggled on working out the equations and questions being provided from the textbook in maths.

As for PE, I didn’t feel like I blended in with the group and I even got bullied from being in PE, because in year 9, these two girls right next to me were talking about my appearance saying that I look like a man and were also calling me fat as well and the bulling on my physique didn’t stop there, other students have continued to pick on me on how I look like and I still managed to do well on my studies and I even out studied on some of the students (Ha what goes around, comes around ?)

During my time in secondary school, I discovered my love of music and even ended up taking vocal lessons in a weekly basis since year 8 and I’ve learned so much from my vocals lessons, from expanding my notes to exercising my vocal cords and learning the breathing techniques being provided by the singing teacher at school. By the time I reached up to year 9, my vocals were getting better and I even learned to sing some songs that were provided in the vocal lessons at school.

My love of music grew even more when I started to learn to play the electric guitar when I was in year 10, thanks to the inspiration of Santana, System of a down, Korn and Nirvana. I was doing well on learning the cords and notes on the guitar and I loved it even since. ?

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My tween life being autistic

Hi everyone and welcome back into my blog and today’s blog will be on my tween life being autistic, which includes the challenges that I went through including my early experience in a trying to fit in at school as well as being bullied in school and the benefits from the support that I received from the teachers (from the good ones, not the bad ones.) and the guidance from them too. Once again this part of the story is not described by me, but it is explained by my mum and this is the story being continued on my childhood being autistic in her own words.

At this stage we were thinking of what secondary school she could go to, mainstream secondary or special needs secondary school. The head teacher first thought that maybe special need but almost a year later it comes that Arveena can cope with the mainstream school. The head teacher and another teacher from her primary school, myself including came to see the mainstream school and spoke to the people in the special needs department and explained everything about Arveena’s situation and that she would need some help.

Her brother Arvin went to the same school, so she had seen the building and some classrooms when we had parents meeting or any other functions, that does not mean that she didn’t have any problems. When the school term started in sept, I had to take her all the way to the hall, that’s first half term, next half term left her just outside the hall, then just outside the door, then next half term I started to leave between the school hall and the maim entrance. The next term just cross the busy road, by the end of school year I would just make sure that she had crossed the two main roads to the school.

In school she did have some problems being bullied. The school staff was really good, any problem and they would sort them out. A year later I was taking her to school and out of the blue she said mum I can go to school on my own. I felt so helpless I didn’t know what to do but at the same time I was glad that she was going on her own.

Even through she was bullied at school, she managed to make some nice friends and even went to an after school club where the teaching assistants helped her out with her homework if she needed any help with it and at the end of every school term, she had improved with her studies overall.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my tween life with autism blog. Please stay tuned for the next post which will be continuing my teen life, don’t forget to leave a comment below on my blog and spread the word out about my blog too. ???