My continued inspiration to do kickboxing

Hi everyone and welcome back to my blog, today’s blog is going to be on my continued inspiration on doing kickboxing and the people that guided me to get involved with martial arts in the first place along with the process being carried out in my very own words, so grab a snack ?/drink ☕️ and get comfortable ?, because this blog post will be inspiring for you to do. ?

(DISCLAIMER: This is not a sponsored blog post. This blog post is truly based on the second part on how I got into martial arts in the first place and the people who motivated me altogether.)

After I finished off the trial session, me and my mum went back home and we discussed about doing kickboxing as a hobby, we talked about it for a while and on that day, I decided to go for it. My very first session was on 16th October 2002 and I was feeling nervous about starting my training at the kickboxing club. I was even given a uniform in order to start the session with the other students.

As I got into the session, the instructor gathers everyone on the dojo matts, lining them up from one end to the other end and I was in the middle slightly to the left side of the room where all the beginners are training at the same time. They started the session by getting their position, which was raising their arms up and their fists clinched ready to bow in order to start the training session by moving our heads up and down and continued with the warm up from the top of the body until we get to the body.

During the training session that they tell you on what you are going to learn for the session, sometimes it can be from grading techniques to sparring or it can even be a circuit session, for those who don’t know on what a circuit is: it’s basically you go on either a gym equipment being provided and do the workout that was given by the instructor or you go on the punching bag and practice some techniques and combinations on the bag for 1-2 mins, afterwards we then go and change places until we went back to where we started from the circuit training.

We have to do the moves and the techniques that were within the session and continued with it until we finished it with some stretching, but with less stretches that will ease off the hardworking training session. Throughout my kickboxing journey, I’ve met so many amazing people that helped me and guided throughout the process, from teaching me the basics to becoming a good referee as well as becoming a respective individual and guiding others to do the same thing too and all of this came down to one person who was there for me ever since I started training and he saw a potential in me and believed that I can achieve my goals and guided me on what needs to be done and this person is Sensei Dev Barretts.

“Nothing is impossible. Even the word itself says I’m possible”

Jackie Chan

For all the years that Sensei Dev has taught for me and to all of his students that have been training with him or used to be trained by Sensei Dev from his kickboxing club and he has changed so many lives inside and outside of the kickboxing club, he inspired us all to keep the motivation alive and gave us the strength that we needed in order to keep the passion, the fitness regime and the determination alive in order for all of us as a community to stay strong and keep thriving for success and for all of his hard work, I want to thank you Sensei Dev for being there for me and continuing to inspire others to achieve their goals too.

Thank you Sensei Dev OSS ???

If you want to find out further more information about joining an ECKA club or to find out on what the instructors have been doing, go to and on there you can find out everything on what they do and you can even find an instructor in your area (depending on the location of the area where you live) and you can even find out the latest events and updates as well as finding out your kickboxing group within your area.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read on my continued inspirational journey on doing kickboxing, I’m so sorry about the blog being too long. Stay tuned for the next post and tell me if you were to take on any sport or a hobby to do in life that you always wanted to do what would it be and why? Leave a comment below I would love to read what they are oh and don’t forget to spread the word out about my blog as well. ???

My beginning inspiration to do kickboxing

Hi everyone and welcome back to my blog and today’s blog is going to be on my early inspiration on doing kickboxing and the people who inspired me to get involved with martial arts in the first place along with beginning part of the process so grab a snack ?/ drink ?and get comfortable ?, because this blog post will get you motivated to do more.

I started doing kickboxing when I was 11 yrs old and you’re probably wondering what inspired me to do kickboxing and my passion for martial arts in the first place? Well I was at home watching martial artists like Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan and Sammo Hung on TV (I know I shouldn’t be watching TV, but that’s what I did growing up ?) while I was watching them doing martial arts on the screen, I was amazed on what they can do along with the talent and the inspiration behind them is so remarkable that inspired me to do martial arts in the first place ?. Along with watching people doing martial arts on TV, there was also a kickboxing club that was right across the street where I lived as well.

I said to my mum “why don’t I try doing kickboxing?” My mum responded back by saying “ok, but where are you gong to do it at?” My reply back to her was “There’s a kickboxing club right across the street where we live from us.” At that point, my mum and I agreed to go for a trial session on doing kickboxing after watching a session on them from the previous day and was being able to speak to the instructor on getting to know me and my mum as well on what got me inspired to do it from the beginning, my mum also told him that I have mild autism. (Check out the my life being autistic blog)

“Absorb what is useful, discard what is not, add what is uniquely your own.”

Bruce Lee

I came in the next day later with my mum and went on for the trial session at the kickboxing club and they start it off by doing some stretching on the dojo matts, it starts from the top and working our way down to the bottom of the feet, they made us do some leg swings from the back leg with the right leg first and then switch your stunts round and repeating the same thing again with the other leg and then the main instructor comes in and checks in with us to see how we got along and tells us to remove our jewellery off and of course little fashionista me, I was literally taking all my jewellery off and there was so much of it that my mum had to put out both her hands out and collect the jewellery on there and the instructor said to me “What’s your name?” I replied back “Arveena” he even replied back by saying “I’ve never seen anyone wear so much jewellery in my life.”

After taking off the jewellery, we went back on the dojo matts and continued with the trial session by doing some basic techniques and going through the combinations that we learnt earlier within the session like the snap punch, reverse punch, front kick and the roundhouse kick. We went through the techniques by going up to 10 and again switching stunts as well as repeating it again on the other side and made us do some sparring using the techniques that we learned from previously onwards within the session. After completing the workout session, we finished it off with some simple stretches, wrist movements and finished off the session by bowing to the main instructor.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read on my beginning inspirational journey on doing kickboxing, I’m so sorry about the blog being too long and stay tuned for the next post which will be coming up soon and don’t forget to leave a comment below on my blog and spread the word out about it too. ???