My review on the happy scents candle

Hi everyone and welcome back to my blog. Today’s blog is going to be very different that I don’t usually write about and that is giving a review on the happy scent candle and I wanted to try something different for a change and let me know if you want me to do more reviews on products like this one or something similar. So grab a snack ?/drink ? and get comfortable ?, because this blog post will be interesting for you to read ?.

(DISCLAIMER: This is NOT a sponsored blog post. I purchased this candle from the festival which was displayed in the first image and this is only my opinion on my experience with the candle that I’ve purchased from the stall, in which you can purchase from their website for the any upcoming events and you can also check them out on social media as well in order to keep in touch with them too.)

I came across a stall that sells vegan candles and the yogis: yoga and vegan festival at the AT7 centre on 23rd June and they provide handmade vegan candles and they have a variety of 21 candles to choose as well as providing an option of making a gift set if you wish to do so. The display at the festival shows its simplicity of the products being shown as well as displaying it neat and well organised for the customers and browsers to look at as shown below.

A wide variety of these gorgeous candles ?

As you can also see that they displayed at some small size candles. However the only available if you are there at the stall and if you are interested in purchasing the smaller ones you have to make a request to them for being adjusted in a smaller size version of the candle however you may need to pay additional cost for the postage and packaging as the larger ones are available for the website that have free postage and packaging. The owner of the stall is very friendly and upbeat about the products she made and sells for all of us to admire for her candles.

Before I can give you the actual review of the candle here’s a quick brief of the company. They are based in Birmingham West Midlands UK, the candles are made with ribbon wick and they are available online for you to purchase which I will put the link below for you to go and check it out.

I only purchased one of her candles and the name of the scented candle that I brought from there is called Thai lime and mango. All I got to say for this candle is WOW. I was amazed with the scent that the candle being lit up, but you might want to wait for it to go into a pool of wax in order for the small candle to give its scent out.

The candle itself being lit up.

It reminded me of a piña colada scent. Due to the pineapple scent that was in the candle and it’s not overpowering nor too sharp for the scents too, which is perfect for me ? as you can see above when its lit up. Once the wax is turned into a pool of wax, that’s when you will notice the scent coming out. The large size candle cost £12.95 with free shipping and as for the reed diffusers they cost £18.00 and it’s also the same price for the votive trio gift set that will also come with free shipping.

As for the small candle the cost of the small one is £6.50 plus £3 p+p, however if you want to purchase the small candle, you must make a request in the website if you preferred a small scented candle of your choice and its the same for the wax melts. They come in a pack of 6 and they cost £5 with the £3 shipping too, due to the amount of candle wax being poured into pots.

Please take precaution action on where you place the candle, in case it can cause health and safety hazard with fire within the environment as well as being aware for those who have asthma or have a similar breathing difficulty if the scented candle is lit up where you want to experience the aroma of this candle and if there are children or pets around you, please make sure that the lit candle is further away from them in order to avoid any accidents that might occur in any circumstance whatsoever.

My overall experience on using this candle has a been absolutely amazing and the scent of this candle is so divine enough for me to even fall asleep and listen to some spa music in order for me to relaxed and calm to enjoy smelling this awesome candle.

Here is the link below for the happy scents candles:

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