My meditation journey

Hi everyone and welcome back to my blog at today’s blog will be on my meditation journey what I see throughout my visual experience from meditation as well as having my imagination going wild so grab a snack ? or drink ?and get comfortable ?, because this blog post will be interesting for you to read.

(Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored blog post. This is just my personal outcome on what I generally see from my meditation. It doesn’t mean that I know anything about meditation visions and all I did was I researched on Google to find out what they actually mean, so please do your research on what you see on your meditation/dreams at all costs.)

When I first started meditating from the advice that I received from Jay Shetty from his live your purpose programme on Facebook, I was a bit suspicious at first because I was clueless on what I got myself into but excited as well for trying something new out of the blue so I opened the headspace app and started to do the basics and watched a clip on how meditation works. The animation of the video itself is so cute and informative to describe the feeling of meditation.

I did the basics on day 1 and what I saw in my meditation was a bit strange at first but also interesting at the same time, in fact in my first meditation session that I have done in the morning was the middle part of a tree and I was amazed on what I saw within only just 10 mins. As I continued on doing meditation for 10 mins, my imagination has started to form up altogether and eventually started to form a tree and also hasn’t mentioned earlier on that I also see Buddha on my side and I know it sounds a little weird to you but the reason why but I keep it to a meditation because I used to play peek a boo with Buddha with the curtain, which explains the vision of Buddha in my meditation.

After seeing Buddha in my meditation, I also have seen some figures that occurred to me within my mind including a tiger cuddling up with me ( I know it sounds strange but it’s cute and interesting at the same time ???), well to tell the truth I originally thought that the tiger was going to attack me at first, but soon came to it senses and started to sit on my laps and wants me to stroke the tiger instead pretty much like a household cat would do and I also seen two swans forming a heart ❤️ and I was a little bit suspicious at first because I didn’t know what it means when the swans form a heart together until I went on Google to research are the meaning of two swans forming a heart and it turns out that it symbolises love, beauty, elegance and gracefulness along with sensitivity as well.

I then later on saw a peacock opening up its feathers though and making the noise but peacocks usually make and in fact that it drove me so mad within my mind that it playing for a couple of hours and I even cried about it as well, due to the peacock noises kept getting louder and louder and louder within my mind and it eventually started to calm down and began to fade away slowly but surely it disappeared and the next time I meditated again I began seeing two blue peacocks forming a heart together and again as usual I went on Google to research what it means when it comes to 2 blue peacocks forming a heart. Unfortunately I didn’t have much luck well it came to doing the research on finding what the two peacocks forming a heart means, however I did find some research on the meaning of the peacock and it symbolises spirituality, vision, awakening, guidance, protection and watchfulness.

Also within my meditation visions I also end up seeing a couple of words that spring to my mind and those words that you came in handy for me if I really needed a constant reminder and those words are “motivate”, “inspire others”, “mentor” and “coach”. Which must’ve somehow indicated to me that I needed to go back to mentoring/coaching which is also my ambition to do in life.

Thank you so much for taking your time to read my blog. I’m so sorry for the blog post being so long and leave a comment below and tell me if you do meditate, tell me what do you see in your meditation. Please stay tuned for the next post and don’t forget to spread the word out about my blog too. ???

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