My continued childhood being autistic

Hi everyone and welcome back to my blog, today’s blog will be continuing to discuss my childhood being autistic, along with activities that I did after school and the trips that I went to growing up. Once again this part of the story is not described by me, but it is explained by my mum and this is the story being continued on my childhood being autistic in her own words.

Before going into secondary school, She did after school activities like football and fun club in the normal school where she had fun. She went to trips, played games and drawing. She went to the zoo, the beach and bowling. She went to ice skating, she loved all her trips, expect ice skating, because she fell on her bum by few times.

We did everything as a routine and if there something different we would tell her first. We were going to the city centre in the bus. I would explain to her everything from leaving home going to the bus stop and wait for the bus, we needed some change for the ticket (child’s bus ticket was 50p back in those days). I would tell her where to put the money in the ticket machine. It was a pleasant visit to the city centre, when she had a school trip in the bus, she knew what to do. When she came home she told me she remembered what to do.

Another thing she did in her primary school was swimming. From that little girl who was crying because she didn’t want to go in the water, ended up gaining a nickname of mermaid, she loved swimming so much. She is almost 10 1/2 years old and the changes in her body coming so me and different teacher did the same thing, everything the teacher taught her about the changing, I would talk about the same thing at home.

At this stage she was asking questions and without confusing more I would only tell her what she wanted to know, if the questions were a bit different to answer then I would say that when the right time comes, the teachers would tell you.

This concludes on my childhood being autistic. Stay tuned for the next post which will be starting on my tween life with autism, don’t forget to leave a comment below on my blog and spread the word out about my blog too. ???

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