My continued teen life

Hi everyone and welcome back to my blog, today’s blog will be on continuing on my teen life in secondary school, continued studying, going through the transaction from sixth form into college and even made a sacrifice of giving up music which literally changed my life forever ?, so grab a snack and get comfortable, because this blog is going to be a long one.

After going from year 9 to year 10 of secondary school, I ended up learning to health and social care at a foundation level (I’m not talking about the make up wise ?) all the work and tasks that were provided to me and the others was truly based on coursework and no exams at all, which is great meaning there was less pressure on us ?.

I ended up taking five GCSE and they are English, Maths, Science, Food Tech and Music (Great subject to study ever ?) however majority of my time was spent on studying health and social care, from making posters and leaflets into making PowerPoint presentations clearly based on health and social care as well as answering the questions that were provided in the coursework. and what made it worse is that GCSE music lessons were held after school ?.

I did however manage to continue with the vocal lessons, even through year 10 and year 11, I kept going throughout the years and I even had to do the vocal exam as well and I passed on my vocal exam which is awesome ? as for English, maths and science though which was a lot more harder than I had anticipated from the years 10 and 11. Maths for me was really a lot more harder that because you’re to work out a lot more than just adding and subtracting, it’s also on the maths equations that needed to be completed as part of studying secondary school.

During my time in year 10 I had to go to work experience and I was told to work in a charity shop and was then told over to another shop which I had no idea where is truly based in so I spent one day in school as normal and was then told to work in a special-needs primary school which is the same school I went to for primary school what I did my work experience was that I had to help with the children with their work get the room prepped and even escort them to the assembly hall.

Also within my work experience I had to fill in the booklet which was part of the task what I did on work experience, which was provided by the secondary school that must be completed every time you finish off your day of work experience. From that moment I realised that the I want to become a teaching assistant I decide to work in education was really my ideal role after being told by the teachers that going in the field of music is not the ideal career aspiration ?. I had a really good time and I’ve learnt so much within my work experience.

By the time I reached up to year 11, there is even more work to go throughout the year and also the bullying actually kept getting higher due to my weight and I literally ignored them and just carried on going forward and altogether I had to do 10 GCSE exams majority of all of my exams were held in the school library in order to help me to concentrate on my exams, except for music because it’s a listening exam and therefore I had to listen to what the question being provided within the exam.

I was doing well on learning on how to play the electric guitar, until my original instructor left school and replaced him with a new instructor and I didn’t get a lesson from the new instructor for 6 1/2 months and when I do get the lesson from him, I had to learn everything all over again, which is even more time-consuming ?.

In sixth form I decided to continue my health and social care in the intermediate level I even did AS Level Study on music. I also did the GCSE resit on English which unfortunately history repeats itself, I even went on to a teacher training course in order to get the experience on being a teaching assistant on a regular basis and every day from Monday to Friday I had to head over to room 14 first thing in the morning to help the students out with their additional needs on English, Maths and Spelling, which is all on ILS (independent learning support) being completed on the computer.

In April 2008, I have to make a sacrifice that literally changed my life forever and that is to give up studying music to avoid redoing my AS-level music and go to college and to do some thing else with my life ?. The reason on why I was told to go to college is because the teachers wanted me to move on with my life and told me that re taking AS Level music would be history repeating itself. I felt heart broken when I received the news that I wasn’t able to continue with my AS Level music and what made it worse in sixth form is that after telling my friends about me being autistic, one person decided to research about it on Wikipedia about and read about it in front of my friends instead of accepting it like a human being ?.

However there is a positive to all of this and that is I managed to finish off my intermediate level in health and social care in June 2008 from completing all of my coursework before the end of June and gained a qualification in the subject along with the experience on helping out other students out with their work, both additional support and classroom wise too and that is something to be grateful on ?.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my teen life blog. I’m so sorry for this blog post being so long. Please stay tuned for the next post which will be continuing my teen life in college, don’t forget to leave a comment below on my blog and spread the word out about my blog too. ???

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