My continued teen life in college

Hi everyone and welcome back to my blog, today’s blog will be continuing my teen life in college, but with more of my experience on studying childcare and education along with my work experience in a primary school and what I had to do when working in a primary school, the struggles that I went through on gaining the qualification and even turned in voluntary for the school.

After finishing off my first work placement in a nursery and passing it with flying colours ?, I went onto my next work placement as part of my course and its in a primary school and it’s the same with this placement, but before me and two other students went to the other placement, we had a unit three exam to do and once we finished off the unit three exam, we got on the bus and headed over to our next work placement in the afternoon, due to the exam being held in the morning. As we arrived at our second work placement, we signed in at the entrance, were given badges and was told to take a seat at the waiting area for the deputy head to give us introduction of the school.

We were then escorted to her office to take about the procedure of e school, how it works within the school system and who we can ask if we had any concerns about anything or anyone within the school. After we completed the introduction, it was time to find out which classroom are we going in, there were only three opinions that were given to us and they are: go into either reception, year 1 or year 2 ?. I ended up taking on year 2 and the other students have taken year 1 and reception. Once that’s done, we were then taken over to the classrooms that we’ve chosen to go and the classroom that I went was not what I expected at all.

It started of with the teaching assistant from one of the classrooms introducing me to the classroom with a teacher and was told to sit in the classroom with the children and to keep an eye on them if they are misbehaving within the teaching as well as making sure that they are listening what they are saying. I even have to escort them to the assembly hall similar to what I did for my work experience with the special needs primary school back when I was in year 10. From February 2009 till June 2009 is when I finished my second work experience/placement in order to complete my CACHE Level 2 in childcare and education which it wasn’t easy at all, because during the Easter holidays I was making sure that the tasks that need to be done for next term of the school academic criteria including sharpening pencils, making sure that there are the same amount of pencil crayons and pencils in each compartment and put up display boards for the school to see what the kids have done.

Once I finished off my second placement there, passing it with flying colours, I then continued with my studies and even completing tests in which I failed from the first time round and eventually from that point I passed those three tests and they are the literacy, application of number and IT. I even went on to complete the assessments that were provided from college and from that point I passed everyone of them except one exam and that was the unit three exam ?. I eventually finished off all the assessments and finished of college in June. From that point I already failed the unit three exam the first time round and then I failed it again for the second time round ?.

I’ve got so much love and experience on working in a primary school though that in fact it was so good that I decide to stay even longer to continue with it as voluntary and I went from working in year 2 to reception in which that group that was dealing with a younger age group and believe me it was quite a change from working with 6-7 year olds all the way over to dealing with 4-5 year olds ?. Doing my voluntary experience working with children, I was also doing my GCSE resit in English that happened on a Monday evening in order for me to increase my chances on getting a higher grade for my GCSE English from that point it was all looking good though and they even did the exam go for the GCSE resit and I had to do a resit for the unit three exam back at the other college and of course I failed on the third attempt ?.

However there has been some good news coming from my college studies and that is that I passed my GCSE resit English with flying colours I finally got the grade that I needed to gain from having to do the GCSE resit English, from having a grade D from my resit in English to having a grade C ☺️ and I was thrilled with the result that I even showed it to my mum who was waiting patiently for my result and she was thrilled with the result too.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my continued teen life in college blog. Please stay tuned for the next post which is my work life as a Teaching Assistant (TA) and don’t forget to leave a comment below on my blog post and spread the word out about my blog too. ???

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