Hi everyone my name is Arveena and welcome to my blog. Here on my blog I will be telling about my life being autistic along with the challenges that I’ve faced throughout the years, ups and downs, the obstacles that were in my journey and how I managed to overcome them as well. So stay tuned for more info. ??

2 thoughts on “Welcome”

  1. Wow. What a nice intro. Look forward to reading your blog on your life. So proud of you my sweetheart.

  2. Well sweetheart – you have a lot to say now.
    On a serious note – I applaud you for taking this step to talk about your autism. Absolutely courageous.
    I remember when it was evident that you couldn’t take a joke because you took everything literally (due to the autism)but now it’s a different story. When I come from weight watchers some time back and said I had lost 2 pounds – you laughed and said well keep your purse closed then. To me that was like “WOW “.
    Now we’re talking.
    Keep it up you are doing so good

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