My continued experience with FWT

Hi everyone and welcome back to my blog and today’s blog will be basically continuing with my experience with FWT. This will include the good, the bad and the outrageous times that happened to me, along with the tasks that I have done within a short amount of time, the people I met and my overall experience with FWT, so grab a snack ? get comfortable ?, because this blog post that you’re going to read ? is very interesting.

(DISCLAIMER: Please note that this is on my personal experience working with them based on what I went through and not a review. Just because I went through some of the rough experiences, it doesn’t mean that they are bad company to work with, in fact they are amazing people to work with and they provide amazing services for their customers and staff)

When I first started working at FWT, it was really good at first. I met the staff of the company and they are much nicer people I’ve ever met than some of the people working in the job shop ? and they were really making sure that I was taking part in any of the tasks provided, no matter what it is or what it could be. I even helped out with the coffee mornings that usually happens on Wednesday morning and Friday morning. The Wednesday coffee mornings is usually located around Hill Fields Coventry and the Friday coffee mornings are usually located in FWT and within the time period we have to provide an activity that can keep them occupied the world to have a coffee and tea at the same time along with some biscuits to have too ?.

During my time with and FWT there have been some bumps on the road including one time when I was supposed to happen right now but I was sitting there actually have a conversation and having a meal that we all participated in making but at the same time but when I was having a conversation with one of the lectures of the healthy hearts program which we used to have though and after everybody who was in the club gone, one pacific lady who works for FWT told myself and the other person with us and give us a little wording she gave one person all the positives and telling me with the negatives are telling me that I didn’t do anything at all though and told me to eat less and to concentrate with the task in hand.

After finishing off a day at work that I want her and that I started crying towards my mum and she said what’s wrong and I told her this person was telling me off for absolutely no reason for the task at hand I even told I did fall off a bit but she told me to eat less and to concentrate with the task in hand, I don’t understand I need to concentrate with the task in hand however it doesn’t mean she can insult me based on my body figure what I was actually participating and what really angered me the most though was I was actually one of the participants who was taking part in a healthy hearts project ?. Which she asked us a couple of days ago if we would be interested in taking part and we both said yes on taking part of the healthy hearts project so we can get a feeling what it’s like to be involved with it and we can also recommend over to other people who wanted to do the exact same thing as we were doing.

Although from that experience we started off with a rough patch, but as we go along within the time period we tend to work well together and even had fun doing it along with working on ways to promote activity in a way we went straight to hand out leaflets we actually spoke to the people who actually interested on taking part on activity and even started planning out activities over the next couple of weeks for coffee mornings for both Wednesday morning and Friday morning ?. We even managed to work together on planning out lessons that for the next group of people who are interested in learning to do some computer work and have others out with their work including creating a CV having to looking for jobs and and even worked together on creating leaflets for the upcoming sessions for coffee morning.

There are two things that happened to me that were outrageous to me and both of them are based on the language that I speak in. When I was helping in a room with a few ladies on an IT course, to whom one of them were saying to me “why don’t you speak in you mother tongue?” at that time I was too hesitant to say something about it and the other lady said to me “if you’re working in a place like FWT, you must be able to speak in the language that you were given” at that moment I kept my mouth shut the entire time thinking that these people are wrong because if I start speaking mother tongue just to please them, it will feel like I’m destroying another part of me.

Another outrageous moment that happened to me was still based on the same topic, but this time that one person had decided to cross the line and it all happened in coffee morning on Friday and we were doing quilling. During our session on quilling, the lady asked me about my cookery skills that and I said it with honesty “I don’t cook as much as I should.” But that was fine she was like okay but you need to do more but when she came up to me about the language I explain to her that it will be too much for me to handle i.e. I would easily get mixed up with the two languages and what she said to me really frustrated me the most and her response was “you’ve got bad parents” and my response back to her was “if I have bad parents I won’t be standing here in front of you.”

Apart from all the bad things that happened to me there have been some good things that happened to me during my time with FWT and what other things is after participating with a healthy hearts club in which I’ve helped around with the warm-ups that I demonstrated with them from my kickboxing training (coming soon ?) from my back then 12 years which is now 15 years of training, including some of the warm ups that I did during training into learning some of the basic techniques.

My overall experience with FWT has been absolutely amazing and even though there were some ups and downs along the way, we still managed to get along as a team and I truly loved working with them. I had a great time from the experience of working with them. From meeting people and helping them with their basic IT skills into having a lot of conversations in coffee mornings, activities planning for the upcoming weeks, putting everything away from the coffee morning sessions, meeting the people at the front desk as well as doing the admin work and even going out on the streets in order to spread the word out about FWT too ??.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog. I’m so sorry for the blog post being so long. Please stay tuned for the next post and don’t forget to leave a comment below on my blog post and spread the word out about my blog too. ???

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