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Hi everyone and welcome back to my blog and todays blog post will be on my experience working with Foleshill Women’s Training (FWT) including how I got the job the interview process along with the terms and conditions that was included with the opportunity as well as the interview process that was involved within the YPEPS scheme, So grab a snack ?and get comfortable ?, because this blog post is going to be an interesting one.

I found out about the job vacancy from YPEPS, which was found at the job shop at the window, which was during my time doing work experience at the job shop and I told one of the staff members from YPEPS about the vacancy and has already managed put forward a cover letter for the vacancy and my CV being attached and managed to send them over. The only downside to this there is that the work placement only lasts for six months. A couple days later, I received an email about applying for the YPEPS vacancy and told me the date and time as well as where to go for the interview.

Before I even got there to the actual place for the interview I had to do some research though and also ring them up there to find out where is it based though as well as me and my mum went to on a trip to find out where it is so I’m aware of the location and thank goodness I managed to get there on time and I was feeling a bit nervous as well for the interview. The funny thing about it is that on the email, the timing for the interview was 11:15am, but we arrived there two hours early and what I mean “we” I meant me and my mum as well as the fact that my mum thought that the interview was 9:15am ?. Even though I arrived two hours early for the interview, it still gave me the chance to do some last minute research on FWT by looking around the room and and to see what’s around me and obviously of course I did do some research at home before the interview.

Luckily I took some deep breaths before they called me in and they asked me some questions about the role for the ICT coordinator and there were two other girls were also going for the role before me. After waiting for a very long time, it was my turn to go forward for the interview and to be asked on the questions about the role and what I know about the company as well as what I’ve been doing this since leaving the previous jobs and my response to them was that I had work experience and all of those work experience placements are not paid at all ?.

There were some questions from the interview that I was hesitant about it so I asked them to repeat it again and then I gave them my answer afterwards and there were also some questions in the interview that I was confident on and they even asked me if I had any questions of my own and I literally asked them was “When will I find out if I have the job” and “Is there any other training that I needed to do?” After coming out of the interview, I thought a bit tense so me and my mum went back home after catching two buses and it just feels like I needed some rest afterwards.

I received a phone call from FWT asking me if I was available on a certain date and I said yes and their response was I will see you on this date coming and that’s on time meaning I’ve actually got the job ?? and I says I put the phone down and told my mum the news, she was in tears and I was also in tears as well and finally getting to realise that thank goodness there is somebody out there that does see a potential in me ☺️ and as result of the news I went straight over to the job centre and told them about the news and the two were thrilled and then the next stop was the job shop and I told my advisor about the interview and I told them the good news and she too was over the moon when I told her the news.

As I managed to close one chapter and opened up a new one, I arrived at FWT there is another entrance on the side that only staff to go through and myself and two other people coming into the building and I how to introduce myself to the two ladies arrived and they were the nicest sweetest ladies that I ever met and this is just the beginning of my six-month placement and unfortunately the downside to this is that it didn’t guarantee me a full-time job ?.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog and please stay tuned for the next post which will be on my continued experience with Foleshill Women’s Training (FWT). Don’t forget to leave a comment below on my blog post and spread the word out about my blog too. ???

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